When The Pictures Came

  • Expertise:
    Digital Puppet, Animation, Performing Arts, Projection Interactive, Theatre
  • Client:
    Terrapin Puppet Theatre
  • Project URL:
  • Key Artists:
    Director: Frank Newman Writer: Finegan Kruckemeyer Animation Director: Zeng Yigang Production Designer: Kate Davis Composer: Matt Marks Costume Designer: Shi Lei Lighting Designer: Emma Valente Performers: Ding Shiliang, Rose Kokkoris, Sam McMahon, Emily Newton, Wang Yaoqi & Zhang Jing Original cast member: Erica Englert Rehearsal Dramaturgs:Ryk Goddard and Qi Xiaoyun Script Dramaturg: Peter Matheson, Multimedia Projection Design: Olaf Meyer

When The Pictures Came is a collaboration between Terrapin and the Children’s Art Theatre of China in association with the Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham UK, and Reckless Moments. It premiered on International Children’s Day 2010 in Shanghai. Olaf Meyer developed a series of original techniques to create digital puppets, inspired by traditional marionettes and black light theatre. Links were forged with local Shanghai Animators through Barry Plews and the Shanghai Animation company.
The show was re-staged twice in Hobart in 2011 as part of the 10 Days on the Island Art Festival in Tasmania and the Big Family Outing Festival, South Australia.

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