• Expertise:
    Fashion, Technical Direction, Projection Mapping, Panorama, Live Visuals, Animation, Promotion
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  • Key Artists:
    Olaf Meyer

Multimedia Events provided technical direction and supplied projection equipment to create this amazing panoramic video effect for L’OREAL. We designed a synchronised high-definition digital video playback across multiple projectors content was designed in-house by TKM9 in consultation with L’OREAL. Multimedia Events directed TKM9 to design a green screen shoot for the panoramic catwalk display. The display wrapped 270 degrees around the dining area at Shed 11 at Melbourne’s South Wharf.
Olaf Meyer drew on his experience in animation to create live walk cycles by getting L’oreal’s Models to walk on a treadmill so that they could be composited later on in a 14m x 14m seamless cubic video projection. Meyer took care with the projections so that they would remain synchronized during playback from multiple computer while maintaining full HD resolution.

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